Travel Blog

Travelling is my biggest passion. So far I've managed to get to 56 countries - from Scotland to Singapore; Toronto to Tokyo and beyond (you will notice that I'm a MASSIVE Japanophile).

The blog is really there to remind me of my travels but I've tried to structure it with things that might be useful to others.

It's also a bit of a 'work in progress' as I have a lot of catch up writing to do!

Music Blog

It’s main purpose is to showcase good music that I have come across. I started writing it before platforms like Spotify had algorithms to help you find new music. Interestingly, I still find those algorithms problematic so I still try to keep the blog going.

I also want to encourage people to buy music which will continue to encourage people to make music. I’m a massive fan of systems such as Spotify and, and I think ideas like these help people access a wider range of artists and music that they would not ordinarily come across. But we should all still buy the music we like. It seems only fair to reward someone for entertaining us.


I love taking photos - both digital and good ol' 35mm film.

I have way too many to put online for now so if you like them to see more, get in touch.


The best way to get me is via a social channel.

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